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Zombie Mammoth

Photo: Reuters We have had those dreams were we are living among animals that have long been extinct, living life like the Flintstones. In Japan, they are working on making those dreams kind of come true.

A team of scientists based out of Japan believes they will be able give birth to a mammoth, as in the great woolly mammoth that has been extinct for over 1,000 years, in five to six years.

How they plan to do this, is no Jurassic Park Science, they plan to “extract the nuclei of eggs–only 2 percent to 3 percent are in good condition–without damaging them” from a mammoth carcass preserved in a Russian Mammoth research laboratory*.[1]

The team, lead by Prof. Akira Iritani, a professor emeritus of Kyoto University, will then insert the nuclei into an African elephant’s egg cells to create a mammoth embryo. Finally “embryo will then be inserted into an elephant’s womb in the hope that the animal will give birth to a baby mammoth”.

I feel like this is a danger zone for the elephant. From what I know, we have no idea what a mammoth birth is like. If I was that elephant; I would be nervous.

Besides the poor elephant, still do not think this is a good idea. They are extinct for a reason. So sad, too bad. But I feel like this could create a Pandora’s box effect. People have already started to clone their dead dogs.

I will admit it would be cool to go to a real Jurassic Park or have mini dinosaurs as pets like in Prehysteria! But overall I feel like, if it is dead it is dead, and that is how it should be.



[1] Yomiuri Shimbun, Scientists aim to bring mammoth back to life, 13 1 2011, 18 1 2011 <http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/features/science/T110108003296.htm&gt;.

*Why does Russia even have a mammoth research laboratory? I mean, they have been extinct for over a 1,000 years. Talk about earmark, pork belly spending. I guess they are still looking for their Sarah Palin over there.



College Football Schedules, and constant fight on who has a harder schedule, division, yada, yada, yada.

This whole season I have been saying how weak Boise States schedule was (I actually hate Boise State, the only thing I like about them is that Blount punched number 94 at the end of the game in 2009). In the few arguments I would into with people about that they would say I have no actual information to back me up. Well I do now, Jeff Sagarin’s NCAA football rankings.

Based on Jeff Sagarin’s rankings Boise State had the 70th hardest schedule out of 245 college football teams, Oregon State had the number one hardest schedule and Washington had 2nd.

HAHA! F YOU Boise State!

What he says the schedule ratings represent:

“what the rating would have to be for a hypothetical team to have a mathematical expectation of winning precisely 50% of their games against the schedule played by the team in question in the games that it has played so far.  The schedule difficulty of each given game takes into account the rating of the opponent and the location of the game. This is the same concept that is used in computing the WIN 50% conference ratings.”


Okay I get that…ish.

Below is a graph of how the Pac-10, most of the top ten and some randoms.

So what does this mean for Oregon?

Oregon was ranked 19 compared to Auburn at 15. Also Auburn has bet two top ten teams when Oregon has only beaten one.

Sagarin has Oregon ranked as number one. This ranking process is “synthesis of the two diametrical opposites, Elo Chess and Pure Points ‘Predictor’” and Auburn is ranked at 3, behind Stanford (HOLLA PAC-10!).

His rankings also helps one understand who has the best chance of winning by “simply compare the ratings of the teams in question and allow an additional three points for the home team”.

Oregon has a ranking score 96.68 and Boise State 94.47 neither are at home, but the game is in a Pac-10 state, we will give Oregon an extra point. Even though the do not need it.

So Oregon will win.


One of My Loves: Duck Football

Today I was speaking with someone about the upcoming BCS National Championship game. As alumni of the University of Oregon and a huge fan of college football I believe the Ducks will win.

The main reason I believe the Oregon Ducks will win besides them being badass, they have the best coaching in the nation. And coaching is how you win the national championship.

Chip Kelly, or Big Balls Chip as he is so pleasantly known, has had the Ducks practicing since December 11th and they have been in pads since December 17th, when the Tigers started the 19th of December. MadDuck2020.Blogspot.com has a lot of detail about the two teams practices. He runs tough hard practices and will keep the Ducks football minds sharp and bodies in shape for game day.

But my main reason why they will win is only number 10 on why Todd Boldizsar 10 Reasons Why Oregon Will Beat Auburn. I like all of his points, and I really agree with number 3, McCalebb and Dyer for Auburn will be ineffective, and number 1, Oregon will force Newton in mistakes.

But both his points are challenged by Blake Oestriecher in his post Bowl Games 2010: 15 Reasons Auburn Will Rout Oregon in BCS Title Game (Oestriecher has redeemed himself by writing this post today BCS Championship Game: 10 Obvious Reasons Oregon Will Beat Auburn. Good man).

So below are Boldizsar’s top ten why Oregon will win and Oestriecher’s top ten reasons why Auburn will ‘rout’ Oregon (which I guess he no longer supports…)

First Oregon….

10. Chip Kelly Has Only Begun with This Rising Program

9. Ducks’ Defense Handles Strong Offenses Just Enough

8. Oregon Is Young But Raw Talent Is Tremendous

7. Nearly All Wins Were Blow Outs

6. Oregon Doesn’t Tire Late in Games

5. Auburn in Unfamiliar Territory

4. Casey Matthews Will Have A Career Game

3. Onterio McCalebb and Michael Dyer Will Be Ineffective

2. Ducks Score Too Often

1. Oregon Will Force Newton Into Mistakes

10. Oregon Has Played Weak Competition

9.3rd-Down Conversions

8. Nick Fairley

7. Second-Half Defense

6. Auburn Is Battle-Tested

5. Auburn’s Defense

4. The Turnover Battle

3. Auburn’s Rushing Attack Isn’t Limited to Cam Newton

2. Auburn’s Rush Defense

1. Cam Newton

Once you get past Cam Newton, who is amazing and I am excited to watch him play against Oregon, Auburn really does not have anything Oregon cannot beat.

My Year With Juan Williams

During the fall of 2009 I was an Intern on NPR’s Weekend Edition, where Juan Williams would frequently be a commentator. The few interactions I had with him he was always very nice. I have nothing negative to say about him.

One of my main jobs as an intern was to sort and open the mail. Almost every week after Mr. Williams would speak on Weekend Edition we would get at least one hand written letter addressed to Weekend Edition (I am not sure how many NPR as whole would receive or e-mails) about how we needed to identify Mr. Williams as a Fox News Contributor when we introduced him on-air. We did not see the need, so we did not do it.

Well I am sure you have heard since Mr. Williams was fired from NPR for his comments he made on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly about how he “gets nervous” when boarding a flight with some who indentifies “themselves first and foremost as Muslims”. I believe NPR was in the right to fire him over those comments, because it did bring down his integrity as an unbiased journalist, plus it also goes a bit against all his books and comments on civil rights.

Fox News quickly signed Mr. Williams to a three-year $2 million contract and expanded his role on the network.

This past weekend he was a member on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace panel. They were speaking about the possible Republican Presidential nominees for 2012. Of course Sarah Palin was brought up. Williams stated, “there is nobody out there except for Sarah Palin who could absolutely dominate the stage and she can’t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama”. The rest of the panel kind of laughed off.

I think he is right. But now republican/ right wing commentators/bloggers are saying this might be the end of the Williams Fox News love affair.

If Fox gets upset with Williams over his comments, then that is proof that it is agenda driven network. When NPR fired Williams, he made a statement that painted a negative image about people who identify themselves as a Muslim. NPR president Vivian Schiller stated in a note sent out to member stations:

“News analysts may not take personal public positions on controversial issues; doing so undermines their credibility as analysts, and that’s what’s happened in this situation. As you all well know, we offer views of all kinds on your air every day, but those views are expressed by those we interview – not our reporters and analysts.”

He went over the line. Williams current statement was about a political figure, who is also paid by Fox News, that he believes will not win the 2012 Presidential race. The only reason Fox News would be upset about this statement is if they want Palin to win the election. If they do not, then this is just another comment made on a Sunday morning show.


It seems that the fight over what race Santa should has been heating up over the past few years. It was even joked about in the Christmas episode of Glee. The club goes to see Santa and who happens to be a black Santa. One of the Glee club members, Tina Cohen-Chang, who is Asian, asks him when Asian Santa is coming.#2.10

Well, my dad solved this problem a few years back when he found what he thought was just a classic plastic light up Santa Claus. He set-up the new Santa with our other holiday lights, placing him proudly by the front door. Just to be surprised when night came and we turned on our Christmas lights. Our new-to-us plastic light up Santa is of mix race.

My family jokes about it and I call him our politically correct Santa, but he is our Santa and he is amazing.

When it is daytime and he is not plugged in he looks like the white Santa Claus. If he is plugged in during the day he kind of looks like southeast Asian. At night he looks like a black Santa Claus.

It makes me wonder how Santa has been changing over the years and how he will continue to change.

Here is a fun NPR story about the history of the holiday season:

Naughty & Nice: A History of The Holiday Season


My Friend: Lyzi Diamond

Lyzi and Me

Lyzi is so bad ass that someone should just make a blog about her. But recently she was National Review Online for her article “ ‘We just want a ticket to the game.’”

She talks about how few University of Oregon students cannot afford to go to the BCS National Championship game. As alumni, I too cannot afford to go to the game, $750 just for nosebleed seats is too much for my hourly earning. But the difference was the U of O was given tickets for $200.

Lyzi also was a featured link on Bill O’Reilly’s site for her article “Oregon adjunct professor lied about military service, doctorate”.

Girl keeps the University of Oregon their toes.

Also, in her free time she is the editor-in-chief of the Oregon Commentator, the best publication on the University of Oregon campus.