American Heroes Deserve The Best


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9-11 First Responders Demostrate To Raise Awareness On Health Issues

We all have heroes. People we look up too, who we would give anything just to have a scoop of ice cream with or perhaps just to gaze into their eyes. There is a group of people who every single American should consider a hero, the people who where at ground zero on 9-11. The people who ran down the streets of New York City to help who they could, the first responders who jumped from across the nation to help other Americans they never even meet or thought could meet.

Jerrold S. Parker wrote 9/11 Heroes Deserve Better for the Huffington Post that says it all. Here are some highlights:

“In the days that followed, those that perished at the World Trade Center were never alone. The first responders never slowed their pace, never thought about themselves, and never showed any concern for their surroundings. Instead they rolled up their sleeves and put their hearts into the smoldering ruins, working around the clock to clear through the choking fumes and mountains of toxic rubble so their brothers and sisters could have a proper burial.”

“Thursday (December 9th 2010), in a disgraceful display of partisan politics over people, Senate Republicans once again stonewalled the James Zadroga Act, a bill that would given aid to those thousands of construction workers, firefighters, police officers, and paramedics who inhaled dust and handled debris at the World Trade Center site and have since fallen ill.

The Zadroga Act has been in the works for six long years, and while folks on the Hill engage in endless debate and continue to play politics, our heroes are hurting; many have already passed and many more of them are left fighting for their lives, alone and unprotected. In fact, three former New York City police officers died in the last month from injuries that have been attributed to their work at the World Trade Center site.

For some, this legislation could be their last hope of receiving health care benefits and victim compensation for themselves and their families. Hundreds have been excluded from a recent settlement because they unknowingly missed the deadline to file a claim — a deadline no one ever told them about until it had already passed. Though an appeal on this issue is pending in federal court, the Zadroga bill goes beyond that litigation and offers different benefits. The most significant of these benefits are the guarantee of health monitoring and health care for those heroes that were injured.”

“This lame duck session of Congress represents the Zadroga bill’s best shot at becoming law and so far it hasn’t even made it to the Senate floor. Procedural rigamarole is keeping it from coming to a vote. We must continue to pressure our lawmakers to pass this bill by the end of the year.

The 9/11 first responders didn’t stall and play games before risking their lives for us. They did what they could because it was the right thing to do. We will continue to fight until they get the assistance they so desperately need and deserve.”

First responders, anyone who was there when 9-11 happened, as well as veterans of any war, should get the best health care the world can provide. They should receive the type of health care that most of us only see in soap operas and Grey’s Anatomy. This is for all of them, even if the person maybe an illegal immigrant  (which was a reason this did not pass in the summer. Representatives were worried that it would make them look soft on the issues of illegal immigration). These people put their lives at risk to help their countrymen. So please go here look up your senator and call them and thank them or go Anthony Weiner on them and tell them to help American heroes who would have helped them and they would not even have to ask, to support the H.R. 847, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010.

Here is a list of how Senators voted.


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  1. amollner says:

    very well said!

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