Fox News, A Christmas Special

I really do not think Fox News is coming up with a Holiday Christmas Special (Bill O’Reilly sold bummer stickers that said “We Say Merry Christmas” in 5-packs) and I doubt it would be a musical. However, the Huffington Post’s Political homepage, Huffpost Politics, had pictures of Representative Boehner and Sarah Palin (what is the proper way call a former half term governor that quit?) that looked like they were singing a song. So it made me think, how amazing would that be!!! FOX NEWS GOES HIGH SCHOOL THE MUSICAL!!! Glee is too scandalous. And which one of the Christmas themes would they sing about, giving to the poor, good health for all, getting over differences and working towards a common goal or peace on earth?  Oh my the possibilities of amazingness is endless.

So I made this…because I have too much time on my hands sometimes 


One Response to Fox News, A Christmas Special

  1. amollner says:

    very funny…

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