It is All Fun and Games

I went to high school at Issaquah High School in Issaquah, Washington. Our claim to fame is our Salmon Hatchery, hiking and Modest Mouse formed there. Besides that it is just a typical suburb of Seattle.

There has been some talk about the Issaquah area (Sammamish actually, which is right next to Issaquah) here and here about a “new” game played by teenagers called Fugitive. A few girls were playing Fugitive and crashed their car causing them to get injured. Nate Ellidge of the Sammamish police department said “This is kind of a new thing…people think that it’s harmless, that it’s just kids running around. It’s just kids being kids until someone gets harmed”. He was wrong, it is not a new thing, I played it in high school and I graduated in 2005. It is at least seven-year thing.

Fugitive is a version of cops and robbers, but with cars and instead of being confined to a small room or house, we would use all of downtown Issaquah. We would gather at one location and choose would where the cops would start someplace across town. The people who were the fugitives would stay and work on their plan, while cops would drive to the other location to work on their plan. Then the game would begin.

The fugitives would start running, while cars with about two or three people in them would drive around looking for them. There were a couple times when the cops were called on us for not following the rules of the road or for trespassing, and once a gun was pulled on a few “fugitives” for trespassing (which is not uncommon in some areas of Issaquah). When that would happen we would create new boundary rules, but the main goal was to have fun, pass time and avoid cops.

This game is not dangerous and in the seven plus years people have been playing in the Issaquah/Sammamish area only two girls were injured because they were not driving safely.

There was not a lot do it in Issaquah.  Our hang out place was Denny’s, because it was the only place open after 10 o’clock that wasn’t the movie theater. We had to more or less find our own way to entertain ourselves. Fugitive was our game of choice.

So sorry news media that you thought you were having a slow news day, but I really think there are several other stories you could cover. Off the top of my head, the economic crisis in Ireland, what is going on with the B.P. oil spill, or how about what is going on with the Israeli settlements, or I don’t know the two wars, the recession and unemployment that are nation is facing?

Here is a link to the KOMO 4 news story on it.
Notice they talk to kids from Issaquah High School.


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