For the Love of Cars

There is a belief that the only art form America can call it’s own is Jazz, but I think that is wrong. I believe the American cars; especially the classic cars of the 1930’s- 1960’s, are American art.

The 1956 Chevy Bel Air makes my blood run every time I see it. I can tell the difference between a 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958. It is love. When I become super rich I am going to buy myself at least two Chevy Bel Airs (1955 station wagon and 1956 convertible).

In fact my real dream, for when I become famous and have too much money, is have a classic America car collection.  To be like Jay Leno and have an airplane hanger filled with cars, so I can just walk down the aisles and just be in awe, then drive off in which ever one I feel like that day. Perhaps the 1958 Pontiac Bonneville today or the 1922 Austro Daimler, nope I am going to go with the 1950 Cadillac DeVille. What a dream.

I know this dream has a slim chance to come true, but that is why it is a dream. But soon I no longer have to wait until summer time (classic car show season) to see these cars in real life. The Harold LeMay’s car collection, the world’s largest private car collection of more than 3,000 classic cars is getting a museum.

Harold LeMay passed away in 2000, but before he did he created a non-profit “whose goal was to build an automotive museum with his cars as its centerpiece. The purpose of the museum would also be to educate the public on the impact and history of the automobile”[i].

The best news about this, I do not have to travel to get there. They are building it in Tacoma, a one-hour drive from where I grew-up. I can be there on opening day of the LeMay Museum.

[i] (Auto In The News )


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