My Friend: CJ Ciaramella

My friend CJ Ciaramella is really badass. Not only does he have unpronounceable late name, and when you try it sounds like a disease you do not want to know about, he is also a really great writer/ journalist, has just won Boxfire Press’s Fiction 101 contest. The idea being to write a sci-fi, fantasy or slipstream story in 101 words or less.

Here is his grand prize winning, short story:

I was in the bathroom of a bar when my future self appeared with a bright flash in one of the stalls. He looked only a few years older than me.

“Listen,” he said, grabbing my shoulder, “I’m about to save you from making a huge mistake.”

“With that girl?” I was chatting up this girl outside. He nodded.

“Wait here five minutes.”

I walked out five minutes later to see him leaving with his arm around the girl. He turned and smirked at me. In the future, I’m a time-traveling, cock-blocking jerk.

For more of CJ’s greatness check out his blog at:


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