It seems that the fight over what race Santa should has been heating up over the past few years. It was even joked about in the Christmas episode of Glee. The club goes to see Santa and who happens to be a black Santa. One of the Glee club members, Tina Cohen-Chang, who is Asian, asks him when Asian Santa is coming.#2.10

Well, my dad solved this problem a few years back when he found what he thought was just a classic plastic light up Santa Claus. He set-up the new Santa with our other holiday lights, placing him proudly by the front door. Just to be surprised when night came and we turned on our Christmas lights. Our new-to-us plastic light up Santa is of mix race.

My family jokes about it and I call him our politically correct Santa, but he is our Santa and he is amazing.

When it is daytime and he is not plugged in he looks like the white Santa Claus. If he is plugged in during the day he kind of looks like southeast Asian. At night he looks like a black Santa Claus.

It makes me wonder how Santa has been changing over the years and how he will continue to change.

Here is a fun NPR story about the history of the holiday season:

Naughty & Nice: A History of The Holiday Season



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