One of My Loves: Duck Football

Today I was speaking with someone about the upcoming BCS National Championship game. As alumni of the University of Oregon and a huge fan of college football I believe the Ducks will win.

The main reason I believe the Oregon Ducks will win besides them being badass, they have the best coaching in the nation. And coaching is how you win the national championship.

Chip Kelly, or Big Balls Chip as he is so pleasantly known, has had the Ducks practicing since December 11th and they have been in pads since December 17th, when the Tigers started the 19th of December. has a lot of detail about the two teams practices. He runs tough hard practices and will keep the Ducks football minds sharp and bodies in shape for game day.

But my main reason why they will win is only number 10 on why Todd Boldizsar 10 Reasons Why Oregon Will Beat Auburn. I like all of his points, and I really agree with number 3, McCalebb and Dyer for Auburn will be ineffective, and number 1, Oregon will force Newton in mistakes.

But both his points are challenged by Blake Oestriecher in his post Bowl Games 2010: 15 Reasons Auburn Will Rout Oregon in BCS Title Game (Oestriecher has redeemed himself by writing this post today BCS Championship Game: 10 Obvious Reasons Oregon Will Beat Auburn. Good man).

So below are Boldizsar’s top ten why Oregon will win and Oestriecher’s top ten reasons why Auburn will ‘rout’ Oregon (which I guess he no longer supports…)

First Oregon….

10. Chip Kelly Has Only Begun with This Rising Program

9. Ducks’ Defense Handles Strong Offenses Just Enough

8. Oregon Is Young But Raw Talent Is Tremendous

7. Nearly All Wins Were Blow Outs

6. Oregon Doesn’t Tire Late in Games

5. Auburn in Unfamiliar Territory

4. Casey Matthews Will Have A Career Game

3. Onterio McCalebb and Michael Dyer Will Be Ineffective

2. Ducks Score Too Often

1. Oregon Will Force Newton Into Mistakes

10. Oregon Has Played Weak Competition

9.3rd-Down Conversions

8. Nick Fairley

7. Second-Half Defense

6. Auburn Is Battle-Tested

5. Auburn’s Defense

4. The Turnover Battle

3. Auburn’s Rushing Attack Isn’t Limited to Cam Newton

2. Auburn’s Rush Defense

1. Cam Newton

Once you get past Cam Newton, who is amazing and I am excited to watch him play against Oregon, Auburn really does not have anything Oregon cannot beat.


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